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  • hydraulic Dump for cattle AD-KOR

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    The cage has a closed rear hydraulic hatch and a unique self-locking front door that locks the animal's head in the gate.
    The cage creates a sturdy steel structure with round tubes (without sharp edges), and the décors are built. This protects the animals (even aggressive) and those who do correct the injury.
    The floor will be made of anti-slip mats and a lattice grate is placed.

    All parts of our dumpster are hot-dip galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance, which translates into long-term usability. The cage is constructed to provide easy and safe access to the animal while immobilising it simultaneously.

    In the trim, there is a frontal belt and a hydraulic tailgate that presses on the cow and immobilizes it.
    The rear legs are hooked to the hook, allowing for quick and secure arm waxing. The hook is lifted by a hydraulic motor. Thanks to this the corker works in a standing position.
    The front legs are gripped by cables and lifted by an electric motor with a transmission.

    In the shelter are shelves for small tools and care of hooves.
    Electric and hydraulic cables are fitted with a mat box, and any solenoid valves and switches are retracted so that the animals do not have access.
    The tamper has electrical protection, so that the animal and the person making the adjustment are not exposed to electric shock.

    Submersible electrical sockets and grip grips are located in the tamper, which facilitates the work of the cartridge.
    The submersible has LED lighting that allows you to work in shady barns and at night.
    The tamper is mobile, ie it has wheels mounted (which are hydraulically lifted), which makes it possible to move around the barn.

    The cage frame has paneling panels, which are easily assembled to the dump. Panels of 5m length.

    On this electric-hydraulic trim, you can make between 40 and 70 cows, depending on the condition of the hoof; at work two people.

    The tampering partner is a corker, so it is perfect for making crooked cattle. Practical and safe.

    You want to see how it works. Watch the video.

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